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School-based Library Programme

To facilitate children’s interest in reading through creative activities, PDEI with the support of Municipal Corporation of East and North Delhi has set up three libraries in selected Schools spread across 5 Zones.

The goal of this Programme is to create a model of functional Library in MCD schools. A trained volunteer operates from a room assigned for library by the School. She displays the collection of Pratham’s books and those contributed by the School. Each section is allotted a library period during which children come to the Library room, read the books and participate in book based activities like story narration and story making.

In the current year, all the selected schools were divided into A and B category based on the following:

    • Support of Principal and other school staff
    • Availability of Library room
  • Results of Pre Assessment to determine the learning level of children

Pratham’s Teachers’ conduct Library activities for 3 days in A category schools and for 6 days in B category schools. The long term vision behind the whole effort is enable the schools in running these active libraries in the absence of Pratham’s Teacher.

Other teaching learning activities include Science activities, Story book exchange. Besides these, Learning Camp to improve the learning levels of children and Life Skills are also an significant part of the implementing curriculum.

    Early Childhood Education Programme in MCD Primary Schools

    Pratham Delhi in collaboration with North Delhi Municipal Corporation runs an Early Childhood Education Programme in MCD Primary Schools with an aim to assist the MCD teachers in preschool activities. The programme is operational in 45 selected MCD Primary schools of Rohini Zone.

    Project Saajha (School Management Committee)

    Project Saajha, focuses on supporting and building capacities of diverse members of School Management Committees (SMCs) to lead and transform the schools. School Management Committee is a democratic entitlement of the community which may lead to more transparent and effective schools. With the aim to establish holistic student learning as the key focus of the school and the society, Saajha envisions a replicable model of a district-level SMC coalition to achieve accountability in primary schools. Saajha works with 57 Schools of North and East Delhi Municipal Corporation.


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